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Bradford R. Boss Arena to open in September

Workers have completed the steel seating risers and poured 260 cubic yards of concrete to complete the slab for the ice surface of the $12 million Bradford R. Boss Arena. Completion of the slab follows installation of 11 miles of refrigeration lines over a ground-level slab poured with 900 cubic yards of concrete.

Less than 11 months after the first bulldozers and excavators began site preparation to the north of the tennis courts, the building structure is substantially complete for South County’s first indoor ice arena.

“It’s an exciting time for this project because visible progress is being made,” said Paul DePace, associate director for capital projects. “With the seating structures in place, the concrete slab complete and masonry work finished, it’s not hard to imagine a public skating session or hockey game going on here.”

The north and west walls, made of foam insulated wall panels the color of sandstone, are completed. The building’s roof, gutters and trim, which are all completed, are painted green to match the copper roofs on the Quadrangle. Masons have completed the masonry facade on the east side of the building, and bleacher seats are on site and ready for installation.

Work on the sprinkler system and water lines is under way. Workers are also installing steel drywall studs around the seating bowl.

Interest in the project has been building since 250 people turned out on the hottest day of summer last August to launch construction of the 2,500-seat ice arena, one of only two ice rinks in Rhode Island that will operate year round. “Interest in the ice facility remains strong,” said Terry Butler of Global Spectrum, manager of the ice arena, as more than 450 potential players have already expressed interest in the Southern Rhode Island Youth Hockey Organization. “We have also hired Jewell Augustine as our skating director, who will organize learn-to-skate programs for the community.”

A.F. Lusi Construction Inc. of Greenville is building the 60,000-square-foot arena. When it is opened in September, the arena will be available seven days a week, 15 hours a day.

By Dave Lavallee

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