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May 2007


A Bird in the Hand
The Kingston Wildlife Research Station is the nation’s longest continuously operating bird-banding station

String Therapy
The protagonist of Ann Hood’s new novel, The Knitting Circle, is a woman whose five-year-old daughter, Stella, has died suddenly from a short, virulent illness. In real life, Hood lost her own five-year-old daughter, Grace, to a sudden illness five years ago.

The Patient Advocate
When she was eight years old, Doreen Leyden Wiggins ’84 set her sights on becoming a doctor. It mattered little that no one in her family had gone to college; she maintained a steely determination that drove her academic success.

At the Top of His Game
As a young golfer, Michael MacFarlane spent his days hitting the greens and working to improve his game

How We Metabolize Drugs
Bingfang Yan was just 17 when his rural village in China relied on him for rationing its food, electricity, and basic necessities. The 500 residents in the poor farming community had faith in his intelligence, diligence, and integrity. At the time, he was the only one in the village who had finished high school.


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